On The 3rd Social Business Summit hosted at the GK Enchanted Farm last January 15-17 saw yet another gathering of people hailing from different parts of the globe and of different backgrounds to learn, unlearn, experience, and discover collaborative solutions that will champion for and concretize inclusive growth. Over the course of three days, 500+ delegates were challenged to examine the Business of Kindness - a business paradigm that combines competence with compassion, excellence with kindness, hard work with heart work.

Finding the WHY

In a world where the richest 1% have accumulated more wealth than the rest of its people combined, the rising inequality brings forth not just economic consequences but also more divisiveness. It depicts a grim picture of a future that we are collectively facing, and it is up to each and every one of us to undo this by creating opportunities that build people up and building communities where no one is left behind. . . Read More.

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